PA SYSTEMS FOR DJs + BANDS (60-200 people)
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Mackie DLM Series Powered PA System 

2 x Mackie DLM12 Powered Speakers. 

2 x Mackie DLM12S Powered Sub Bass Units.

With the two DLM12S sub units, this PA is suitable for larger venues. 

Recommended for: 

• PA for bands - where you need to include the kick drum / keys etc through the PA 

• PA for DJs. - Clear, powerful sound which can cover most dance floors 

The DLM PA system is easy to transport and setup. All the speakers are active (no amp racks required). The subs have 12” drivers making them easy to install. 

In addition to the PA system, we can supply mixing desks, microphones, foldback monitors, cabling, etc as required - and of course backline, drums and instruments.

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