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Mackie FreePlay Stereo PA System

FreePlay™ is a battery powered, portable Speaker with a whole range of possible applications. It has both mic and line inputs - ideal for vocals / guitar etc, and has bluetooth built in so you can stream music directly to the speaker. Small, yet powerful, the Freeplay is perfect for busking, outdoor events, speeches and background music. 

Mackie FreePlay

Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro Wireless PA System 

The LSP 500 PRO is a wireless audio system for professional use. It has been designed to address audiences at indoor and outdoor events without the need of any power or audio cables. 

Ideal for Galleries, Shops, and Event spaces where unsightly cable runs need to be avoided. 

The LSP 500 Pro has a range of inputs (including mic / line / bluetooth/ USB etc) which can be mixed and sent wirelessly to distant slave speakers. A complete system of up to 20 LSP 500 Pro speakers can be controlled via the iPad App or Windows Remote Control Software.

Sennheiser LSP 500

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